So I’ve been having this overheating problem for about 9 months now. I didn’t take the car to the mechanic because I’m a do it yourselfer and I don’t drive very often so it wasn’t a big deal.

I never let the temp gauge get more than three quarters of the way much less all the way to overheating so don’t try to scold me.

So initially I thought it was my fan clutch. I have an older vehicle so I don’t have an electrical fan so when I tested the fan clutch, it was extremely loose. You can test your fan clutch by warming up your engine and then trying to stop the fan with a folded up newspaper or something relatively soft but not easy to break.

When I put the newpaper in the fan it stopped instantly and I was actually able to turn the fan in the opposite direction. This is a telltale sign of a dead fan clutch. So I ordered a new fan clutched almost immediately.

In hindsight, I should’ve ordered the clutch from a store in Jamaica such as Bert’s Auto but places in Jamaica have left such a sour taste in my mouth due to their high mark ups. I later found out that Bert’s was selling the clutch for basically the same price I bought it for online but it was too late by then.

Anyway, I got the new clutch and it was garbage. The minute I got it, I knew it was garbage because of how it freewheeled. But I installed it anyway, because I thought maybe there was something I was overlooking.

Moving on, it didn’t work. Car was still overheating so I ordered another one on warranty and that was also messed up. I eventually decided to get a welder to lock up my old clutch and that helped some. The car would stay cool a little longer but it was still overheating.

After thinking and reading some more online, I started thinking about my radiator cap. There was stuff online saying to pressure test the system and the cap and I did just that, except with my own breath. Mind you, I was going to get an actual pressure test done afterward but I decided to blow to first try my makeshift version even though a human can’t create anywhere near the pressure to truly test a cooling system.

I blew into my radiator first and closed off the opening to the overflow tank. The system felt closed. Then I reconnected the overflow tank and radiator cap, removed the upper radiator hose, blew into the radiator from that connection while blocking off the connection to the engine and alas, I found my weakness.

The radiator cap was weak because I was hearing the air escape through the overflow tank. A human breath isn’t supposed to be strong enough to activate the spring in the cap so that had to be the weakness.

I replaced the cap that very day and I haven’t had any problems since.