Government Agency Loans for Teachers

Government Agency loans for teachers

Government Agency loans for teachers

The Government Agency loan for teachers consists in the disbursement of a sum of money equal to a maximum of two months’ salary, including fixed and continuous checks.

The loan can be repaid within 24 months, in monthly installments, taking into account that each loan corresponds to an advance withholding of annual interest rates of 1.50% and a portion corresponding to 1% of the gross loan sum, which is used to pay administration fees and to replenish the guarantee fund.

In order for a loan to be granted, it is essential that any previous financing be extinguished; it is also necessary to know that it cannot be combined with other small loans granted by other entities. This type of loan can be requested by all those enrolled in service activities, at least two years after retirement.

Valid reasons for applying for the loan

Valid reasons for applying for the loan

  • for the purchase of a car;
  • for the birth of a child;
  • for the adoption of a child;
  • for the university (whether the applicant is attending it, or his children attending it);
  • for a serious illness (whether contracted by the applicant or a family member);
  • for a wedding (of the applicant or of a child);
  • for the death of a relative;
  • for a change of residence;
  • for the purchase of a house (as long as it is the first house);
  • for an ongoing mortgage on the purchase of the only home;
  • for the extraordinary maintenance of the house where you live;
  • for dental care (for the applicant or a dependent family member);
  • for an extraordinary event that led to a particular state of need for the applicant.

How to apply for the loan

How to apply for the loan

To apply for the loan for teachers it is necessary to follow an electronic procedure…

Once you have entered the institution’s website, you must have converted the PIN online to your device PIN, and then follow the instructions.

Entered the Reserved Area Enrolled following the insertion of the login credentials, you must click on the item By Thematic Area in the left shoulder and then on Credit, choosing Small Loan Enrolled Ex-Enam Application.

You then access the system, which offers the features available for filling in the application. It is activated by selecting the Question Compilation item on the menu: at that point a form appears which must be completed directly on the Internet and which, in the registry part, has already been completed.

In the first phase it is necessary to declare the motivation of the loan, taking into account that the specific data change according to the motivation itself, while in the second phase it is necessary to attach the mandatory documents, which in turn are different according to the motivation.

When all the data have been entered, check the item I accept in the two paragraphs concerning the declarations; the same thing must be done on the item ” I have read the information ” in the paragraph relating to the information for users. The moment you select the Next button, you are warned that you are entering the section relating to the management of attachments : thus, the compiled data is saved. The user, moreover, has the right to decide to attach the documents at a later time, knowing however that the data entered previously remain saved.

In any case, if you need to change the data entered, just click on Back, remembering that in this circumstance you will then need to reload the attachments. For attachments, the formats allowed are TIF, JPG and PDF, while each of them must have a maximum size of 1024 bytes. Once the attachments have been loaded, the request can be advanced by simply clicking on Send Question, so as to store the attachments and the question in the database.

If everything went in the right direction, the success of the operation is communicated by the system with a message that also indicates the date and the protocol number that have been assigned. At this point the application becomes the competence of the social security headquarters of the member and, depending on the case, it is accepted or refused.

Among other things, the member has the possibility to view the application and its status at any time ; on the other hand, it cannot request another application until the first one receives the Rejected status, the Canceled status for Withdrawal of the Member or the Depreciation status.

All questions have a common section, regardless of the loan category and the type of motivation. In the mandatory declarations, there is the item “I irrevocably authorize social security Gestione ex Government Agency to withhold the amortization installments on my monthly salary or on any retirement treatment that occurred during the amortization of the loan”.

Furthermore, it is necessary to communicate one’s condition, that is, if one is more than two years from retirement, less than two years from retirement or early retirement; in the latter case, the applicant undertakes to authorize the withholding in a single solution on the severance indemnity.

In the event that the loan is requested to buy a house, it is necessary to enter the data relating to the purchase contract ; if this contract is not yet available, it is necessary to enter the data of the preliminary contract and those of the house that must be purchased.

The list of required attachments includes the certified copy of the preliminary sales contract and the latest coupon that was issued. In the case of a loan for serious illnesses, however, all health documentation must be attached.


In short, the Government Agency loan for teachers is an interesting opportunity for all former Enam members, beyond the somewhat cumbersome application submission procedure: the fact that it can be managed online, however, allows for faster times.