Make Real Estate Financing Loans- Guide with Tips and Hints

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Do real estate financing? Is this your only alternative to acquire a property? This financial instrument for the purchase of the financed home or commercial house must be well evaluated before hiring. To avoid possible headaches in the future, the candidate should be aware of tips and suggestions from experts in the subject.

According to anyone who understands real estate financing, there are several criteria to be adopted by those who want to acquire a property through this type of credit. It has already been clarified that this is one of the most used resources for the conquest of the home, to do real estate financing, regardless of the source of the credit, either via the bank, financing companies or directly with the construction company.

So if you fit this profile, it pays to pay attention to some important tips that can make a big difference when it comes to acquiring your dream home or office. All negotiation of the purchase of property implies rules, deadlines and necessary documentation. Do not despise any of them so as not to delay the delivery of the keys and consequently to enter the property faster.

When it comes to a property purchase directly with the Construction Company and the development is still in the plan or even under construction, few requirements are made, usually only one ID, CPF and a proof of residence and income are requested. Although the lender analyzes whether the borrower has a restriction or some impediment, the negotiation follows normally if it has. However, when approaching the occasion of bank financing, what may have given the impression of banality becomes essential to follow the process of purchase and get approval of your credit. The name must be clean.

One of the essential requirements is to keep up with your dividends, that is, you can not in any way be with your personal registration included in the SCPC, Serasa Experian, CCF or Notary Public and others. Another equally important factor is that of proof of income, which should be coherent between the amount that you want to redeem in the financing and the value of your net income. The maximum benefit must equal 30% of your monthly remuneration. At the same time, a birth or marriage certificate, income tax, proof of residence and certificate of protest will be requested.

Once you have fulfilled all this bureaucratic part, the lender or lender will still take from 10 to 30 days to review and grant approval of your credit, the borrower will have up to 120 to use the money funded. And the longer the term, the more interest and indexes of readjustment will affect the debtor balance of the property. On the other hand, with the Construtora the release is immediate.

The borrower should also consider choosing the term for when doing real estate financing. In plans like My Home My Life , deadlines can reach up to 360 months. Already through the financial system of Housing, more conventional method, the deadlines were extended and can reach up to 420 months in some financial institutions. While the financing through the Builders tend to be smaller, hardly exceeding the term of 120 months.

If you are prone to make a real estate financing directly with the Construction Company for judging less bureaucratic and thus obtaining greater agility to redeem the property, know that many denominate the contractual clauses of the Empreendedora as abusive, this ends up reflecting negatively and brings great demotivation on the part of buyers.

Since the content of the agreement is intended to favor only the Contractor with the collection of fees, extra commission of broker, transfer fees, illegal corrections, undue interest among others elaborated by the merger. So keep in mind the need for a clear registry so that you do not have obstacles to do real estate bank financing or a funder specialized in the modality.